Monday 21 August 2017

Machin news - 2nd Large booklet and SG catalogue numbers.

The latest new Machin definitive to appear is the 2nd Large booklet printed by ISP/Walsall, for which we hope to have stocks soon.   This is Norvic 2933.7, from booklet RA4.7.  

Thanks to RP for the images. 

1st class M17L business sheet printed 22/02/17 (Norvic 2914B.7)

Stanley Gibbons catalogue numbers

The latest issue of Gibbons Stamp Monthly includes basic catalogue listing for the Machin Anniversary definitives, excluding those in the miniature sheet.  The only stamps to get a new listing are:

SG 2133 - 20p double-head from PSB (the original 2133 was for the 1st class which becomes 2133a)
SG U3003 - 1st bright scarlet MPIL M17L (gravure) *
SG U3007 - £1 magenta MPIL M17L (gravure)

SG U3966 - £1 gold embossed from PSB (which SG records as having clearer embossing than the same stamp on the MS).

The stamps from panes 1 and 2 of the PSB (the 'Design Icon MS' stamps) are numbered 3958-63.

* Although listed as 'bright scarlet' this stamp is actually the original vermillion (red) colour.  When this is corrected the number should remain unchanged. 
The bright scarlet stamp but in litho was in the Windsor Castle PSB and is numbered SG U3016b.

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