Wednesday 23 August 2017

New style 'Account Postage' postage paid indicator

The latest batch of invoices received from Royal Mail has a new Postage Paid indicator at the top right corner.

Instead of the reversed out '1' and Royal Mail Postage Paid Edinburgh 170, this has a bar-code with Account Postage GB AC0453514002 - and an outlined '1'.  Alongside is the 'Delivered by Royal Mail' box.

Of course it would be good if they went back to using stamps but we can't expect that from the highly automated administrative system they have, but for those who are interested in these things, this marks another development in the way that payment of postage is indicated.

As each envelope only contains one invoice we have a lot of these so if anybody wants one, send a c5 stamped addressed envelope to us and we'll send you one.  With c5 it will have to be folded; if you want it unfolded then a larger envelope with a stiffener and large letter postage will be necessary.

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