Sunday 20 August 2017

Late Start to August for Slogan Postmarks: Paradise Lost

After the Mental Health Awareness slogan at the end of July there was nothing reported before our holiday break, and we came back to an unannounced commemoration of John Milton's Paradise Lost.  Unannounced because there have been no Royal Mail press releases added to their media website since 3 August!

I've been sent one image from Edinburgh Mail Centre with an illegible date, but fortunately both types have arrived here.  We have Warrington Mail Centre dated 14-08-2017 and South East Anglia Mail Centre dated 16.08.17 (note the word 'of' is on line 2 at Warrington and line 3 at SE Anglia).  Peterborough dated 15-08-2017 is also reported and I suppose this slogan was in use for mail delivered last week (ie posted 11-17 August) - I'll try to get confirmation.

350 years since
the publication of
John Milton's
Paradise Lost

John Milton was featured on this miniature sheet issued for the House of Stuart in 2010, recording the publication of Paradise Lost in 1667:

Edinburgh Festival
This really ought to precede the Milton slogan but that would mean rewriting everything!  Thanks to Trevor for sending this example from the Brisol Mail Centre, which reads:

August 2017:
70th anniversary
of Edinburgh's

An additional interest for this example is that the date is not shown in the familiar forms which is either 14-08-2017 or 14.08.17.  This has oblique strokes between the elements of the date 08/08/17: if this format has been used before I can't remember it.
It would be good to see other examples of this slogan, and any other postmark with the new-style date.

This blogpost will be used to record any other slogans used in August.

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  1. Milton slogan used at Bristol yesterday 21/08 on a postcard


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