Monday 20 March 2017

Jersey Post at Southern England Stamp Show 2017, Farnborough

Jersey Post attended the Southern England Stamp Show at Farnborough last week (10-11 March), and Post and Go machine JE01 was there, although it didn't seem to be attracting very much interest for much of the time.

The machine dispensed the new Jersey Shells pictorials first issued at Stampex (but now with the March datastring), and the Jersey Crest definitives with special show inscription.

As usual the stamps were available in Collectors Strips and as a set of 6 x Local Letter rate (or any other combination).   We have now added some of these to our webshop.


  1. I believe there were two different types of paper used for the "Arms" stamps.

    I got there maybe an hour after opening on the Friday and there had apparently been some trouble with the "glossy" paper used to that point. One guy was here with a great long strip most of which looked like printers waste than normal Post & Go stamps.

    I put my order for a collectors strip in to the machine and it produced the receipt but no stamps. The other collectors there started sniggering that the glossy paper had jammed again and that the Jersey Post rep there would need to put the matt paper roll in instead. What actually happened was that the roll had ran out so it wasn't a machine fault at all, but after the rep got my set of stamps out off the new roll, the other collectors formed an orderly queue to get another set from the matt paper.

    Sessions up to 0602 would have been on glossy, from 0604 onwards (my strip) on matt.

    1. I was first on the machine and the strips were glossy or shiny. My receipt is timed at 10:19 and is session 0573. I didn't see anyone buying a handful, so there will not be many of these at all.

    2. I was second on the machine and I only brought one full collector's set which was trimmed close at the bottom of each strip. I was not impressed but was later told this was due to these rolls slipping in the machine. This was later fixed as the original roll was replaced by the varnished matt version.

  2. The Post & Go Labels of the UK, Jersey & Guernsey are very attractive, but people should not be forced to buy six of them. Many elderly stamp collectors are on a limited budget.

    1. There is so much wrong with what you have written!

      1. MOST collectors now could be described as 'elderly', depending on your definition which may be different to ours. Once upon a time anybody over 65 was 'elderly', now most* collectors are over 65 years - QED. (* Simple definition of 'most' is over 50%, but over 30% would probably suffice now.)

      2. Nobody forces anybody to buy anything. If it is beyond the stamp budget then don't buy it. Or tailor your collecting to what you can afford.

      3. Everybody is on a limited budget, some limits are lower than others.

      4. Thank you for using the images shown on this blog. A few more links from yours would be most welcome.

  3. No one is forced to buy anything. If you want, vote with your wallet and spend your hard-earned cash on something else. For instance, I bought a set of the Arms stamps above but decided against buying the shells.


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