Thursday 16 March 2017

Stamp Mosaic Guinness World Record for UK at Southern England Stamp Show 2017

At the Southern England Stamp Show in Farnborough last week, Peter Boyd gained the Guinness World Record for the largest Stamp Mosaic, previously held by Correos (the Spanish Post Office), in Malaga, Spain, on 8 November 2014.

As previously reported, the biggest stamp mosaic on the planet was rolled out in the town's leisure centre, measuring a huge 30 by 9 metres.  It was assembled on Wednesday 8 March 2017.  A photographer used a drone to capture the mosaic before the event was opened to the public to view on the Thursday.

Consisting of a whopping 528,220 stamps, it took Peter Boyd from Kent over ten years to create. It was the first time he had seen the whole thing put together; as Peter said: "I just thoroughly enjoyed it and once I had finished I just wanted to put it out on display to the public.

Tony Hender of Arun Stamps told me, "Because we are so close to the drone no-fly zone for Heathrow and Gatwick, the photographer had to over-ride the settings to enable him to operate it, in the leisure centre!"

Once the pictures had been taken images were sent to Catton Print of Norwich, who produced a souvenir of the event which was available when the show opened on Friday.  Meanwhile, of course, the mosaic was dis-assembled back into its large sections so that the tables, chairs,power, etc, could be in place for the dealers to set up their stands ready for first thing on Friday.  (See below)

The souvenir is a long card, half-A4 size, longways. (click for a larger view)

These were available at the Show for a suggested donation to the Childline charity of £5.  I have a number of these cards which can be posted, unfolded, for the following postage costs:
Within the UK: £1.00;  Europe: £2.60
Worldwide Zone 1: £3.40 - Worldwide Zone 2 (Australasia): £3.55
If you are interested, please email ian(at) - Payment in the UK by cheque or bank transfer; in the UK or Worldwide by PayPal as a gift, ie buyer pays the PayPal commission. (Do not leave your details as a comment.)

I will ensure that all the £5 (or more) donations go to the Show organisers to be passed on to Childline.

Views of the show:

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