Monday 6 June 2016

Queen's Birthday retail booklet first day covers

The second retail booklet marking the Queen's 90th birthday is issued on Thursday 9th.  Most Post Office branches will not have these on the day of issue which makes life difficult for collectors wanting to prepare first day covers.

Even if you get your booklet from a post office or direct from Tallents House, the latter don't have any blank FDCs left!  Post Office branches don't normally sell blanks after the day of issue which in this case was 21 April, so you probably can't get any from Crown Offices or from other post offices which do frequent housekeeping to return or recycle unsold FDCs.

So if any of our customers requires a first day cover like the one attached please get in touch immediately.  No more than 9 of these will be available, and the price will be £5 plus postage (they can be included with other, future, orders inclusive of postage).  Only this postmark, from Anmer King's Lynn, is available.


  1. Remember that if you have this retail booklet on regular order, it will be sent out with the 21/06/2016 1st World War distribution. NB: any order advice note that you may have received only shows 1st World war description so you have to 'guess' that you will also be getting the booklet!
    Doug (Enfield)

  2. Good point - although difficult for people to 'remember' if they haven't been receiving the notifications from Tallents House. I know at least one who hasn't even been told what his balance is and has continued to receive regular orders - apart from the Queen's Birthday issues.

  3. Just to let everyone know I have just spoken to Tallents House & they told me that the 1st World War issue will be delayed by up to 8 weeks caused by a printing error. They could not tell me if the 2nd 90th Birthday booklet due to be issued with it will also be withheld. More bad news from Edinburgh.

    1. Peter is right - and wrong. What he was told was told in good faith, but I have now been told the facts by Royal Mail, who can't understand why he was told it was a printing error. There are no printing errors, but there are problems which will affect distribution of some WWI 2016 products. See this blogpost for as much detail as I have at present.


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