Sunday 19 June 2016

Latest Royal Mail Slogan Welcomes Home Tim Peake from ISS

Royal Mail is marking the safe return of European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake with a very special postmark.

Tim Peake has been working aboard the International Space Station on his Principia mission for 186 days. He safely docked at the station on 15 December 2015 and is the first British European Space Agency astronaut to visit the space station. During his time in space, Tim has been trialling new technologies and carrying out scientific experiments that cannot be done anywhere on Earth. He has been investigating a range of different sciences including physiology, biology, materials science, solar physics, radiation physics and technology demonstrations.

Royal Mail’s postmark will be applied to millions of items of mail nationwide from Monday 20 June 2016 to Friday 24 June 2016.  It will say ‘Welcome home Tim Peake ‘.

A Royal Mail spokesperson, said: “As the first British European Space Agency astronaut to visit the Space Station, we wanted to mark Tim’s historic return to earth with a very special postmark.  The whole country has been captivated by Tim Peake's incredible time on the International Space Station. His regular updates, tweets and images have given everyone the opportunity to see the incredible sights that are swirling about our heads.”

UPDATE 20 June
As expected the dates quote refer to when Royal Mail intended this slogan to appear on your mail, so it was first used on Saturday 18th June.  Thanks to Barry and Mikefor confirming what I guessed would be the case.  Mike's image from Tyneside MC shows the actual layout of the slogan.

And the other format from Peterborough MC on mail received here today:

Other slogan postmarks for the month of June are shown here.


  1. Isn't this is a perfect example of a Briton who deserves commemoration on a British postage stamp rather than a postmark? His return seems immediately more commemorable than the music of a has-been group of old men which Royal Mail is to commemorate with numerous items in a month or so. A simple little "Andy Murray" style miniature sheet would probably sell very well and honour a Briton who has achieved something very notable indeed.

    1. Well said Sir! I wholeheartedly agree with you

  2. I would be happy to purchase a good quality example of this postmark if anyone has one to spare. Mine got damaged in transit ( must have been when re-entering the earth's atmosphere!) Ring David on: 07587176142


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