Wednesday 8 June 2016

Battle of Jutland Post and Go Stamps, including new locations.

As mentioned last month, the group of Royal Navy Museums has been extended to include HMSs Caroline and Trincomalee, and all locations applied the additional inscription for the Battle of Jutland.

Thanks to Chris Hockaday of Royal Navy Covers, I can now provide images of some of these as on his eBay listing.

Machine A002 is at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth:

 Machine A003 is at the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton:

Machine A005 is at the Royal Marines Museum in Portsmouth:

Machine A008 is at HMS Caroline in Belfast, but has no features to distinguish it from the Portsmouth stamp aside from the machine number.

Similarly the A006 machine HMS Tricomalee (Hartlepool) has the same inscription - image awaited.  Chris reports that the RN Submarine Museum machine didn't work at all in the three hours he was there, but he has now sent a picture.

Trelantis reports the following versions of the Machin stamps at various machines:

Royal Navy - undated and MA15

Fleet Air Arm - MA13

Royal Marine - MA13 and MA15

RN Submarine - MA13 and MA15

Note that Chris's images clearly show the yellower shade on the MA15 (Marines) compared with the FAM (MA13) and NMRN (undated).   Only MA14 stamps appear in both colours and these have not been used in Royal Mail machines, only POL self-service kiosks.  (Thanks to John Gray for reminding me of the details so that I could make this comment clearer.)


  1. The last page of the introduction to the P&G catalogue may have the answer

    It also applies to the new style Horizon labels

  2. Royal Mail continue to undermine the development of Post & Go and put off collectors. The Fleet Air Arm did not exist at the time of the Battle of Jutland and there were not submarines at the Battle.

    Concorde 002 is at the Floeet Air Arm Museum. If at a future date there is a Concorde Anniversary overprint will all the Naval Museums carry the overprint? Crazy!

    John Embrey


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