Thursday 30 July 2015

News update: slogan postmarks, Post and Go stamps, and a new machine.

Slogan Postmarks

Royal Mail's press release on the risks of identity theft and fraud did not include any mention of a nationwide slogan postmark about National Scam Awareness Month.

Thanks to Mike and Adrian for providing these examples of the slogan, from Bristol and Warrington Mail Centres, both on 20 July 2015.

Post and Go - Faststamps and Open Values

Thanks to Dominic who wrote:

I ordered a Machin Post and Go collectors pack from Tallents House last week, I was surprised to find that the Airmail stamp was printed on MA13 stock, the other two 1st class ones were undated.

Strange that the stamps should be printed from different stock, but I suppose each stamp is printed multiple times on a roll and then cut for inclusion in the pack. So each stamp could be printed on a differently-dated roll!
UPDATE 26 August:  Mike reports (19 August) a later purchase from Tallents House contained only undated stock!

Thanks to Chris for providing images of the Union Flag and Machin stamps and receipts from the Royal Naval Submarine Museum (HMS Dolphin if I recall correctly) in Gosport.  The flags are undated, and the Machins are coded MA13.


Thanks also to Vince who reports a fascinating software error at the BPM which sees the Airmail logo included on stamps with the Penny Black inscription!

For a short while the PandG  machine at BPMA developed a default problem, resulting in  the 'airmail' logo appearing with the Penny Black text. The fault was caused when a major software upgrade took place on the evening of Tuesday 10th July.  The error was available only on the Wednesday and Thursday morning until it was switched off.  The corrected strips with the Maltese Cross reported to be in a different position to the previous versions. Approx 30 Collector's Strips of both 1st and 2nd class were  bought.

The Penny Black imprint will cease at close of business on 7 August, according to the IAR website.


New machine
Once again news appears on the IAR Website ahead of being confirmed authoritatively by Royal Mail.

A new (non military museum) static site has been located for a new Post and Go Kiosk A010. The site has been surveyed and will be installed towards the end of August 2015. Full details will be provided on the Royal Mail website when an installation date is confirmed.   See August update.

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