Friday 10 July 2015

More new slogan postmarks from Royal Mail

The June slogans post has been updated today with some different examples of slogans that were reported earlier.

The first new one for July marks the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. According to the Royal Mail press release:

"[In addition to the new stamps] The anniversary will also be marked with a special postmark on all stamped UK mail between 16 and 18 July.  It will read; ‘75th anniversary Battle of Britain’". 

As the dates they quote usually refer to when the mail is delivered, it suggests that this will be used from 14/15-17 July.   However,  DP has sent this example from Manchester used on 9 July 2015!

I look forward to seeing more examples used in the coming week!

UPDATE 17 JULY 2015.

The first example of the Battle of Britain slogan used in the correct period - and on the first day of issue of the stamps.  Thanks to Geoff (GBCC) on Stampboards

Two more examples showing the two different layouts:

Peterborough on 14 July

and Sheffield, remarkably on 9 July!

Leaving aside the 'Postcode' and 'Stroke Association' postmarks which are used between these specials, this is (by my count) the 30th different slogan postmark this year already!   That's counting the two uses each of the Penny Black and the Princess Charlotte slogans as one each only.

I'm sure there will be more to come!

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