Saturday 18 October 2014

New Catalogue Machin Security Definitive Stamps

We are pleased to announce that the new Norvic Checklist of Machin Security Definitive Stamps is now available free of charge to all collectors and dealers.

Designed to fit the gap between the Stanley Gibbons GB Concise Catalogue and the extreme detail of some other lists, this identifies all the values with all the source and year codes, cross-referenced to SG numbers and Royal Mail product codes.  Source booklet numbers are also included to assist in precise identification.

Table showing 2nd class counter sheet listing

Dates of issue or earliest known dates (EKD) of appearance are shown.  Over the summer the list has been checked by a number of customers and dealers, and many corrections made, but more information is waiting to be discovered, especially on dates.  Checking stamps on ordinary mail may yet reveal that stamps were actually in post offices or other retail outlets earlier than previously thought so the list is always subject to change.  But it is totally up to date with the latest discovery, the 2p M14L (see below).

Some collectors (and dealers) record these stamps in greater detail than we do, for instance according to the size of the gap in the security slits, according to the shape of the perforation, or the direction of printing.  This doesn't claim to be a complete list of Security Machins according to those criteria, but it does list all the basic stamps - and a few extras.

The Norvic numbers are used in our webshop, and we hope that this will help customers to find what they are looking for an fill the gaps.  

To download a copy of the checklist go to Dropbox.


  1. Ian, well done.. a brilliant work.. I will enjoy this very much and contribute if and where I can.

    You may know I entered a frame to the GBPS on this a few years back. If only I had time these days I would update now you are motivating me.. I have 1000's of last two years to sort and identify and while have little time given current work assignment I will try to make the time.

    Best wishes... Michael

  2. This is a brilliant work. Thanks very much.
    But just one thing......why do you not include the printers name and what about the U shaped clips types 1 to 4. Any reason why these are not included ?
    Certainly an excellent list so keep it up Thanks.....Colin

    1. Thanks for your comment. I don't include the Types 1 - 4 because in most cases a stamp only exists with one type.

      Where there are two types and they were easy to find and distinguish, I have mentioned them but not used any particular notation. What one person/system describes as Type 3, another might describe as Type D, for example.

      The printers names are not included automatically because everybody knows that all retail booklets are gravure by Walsall, and all sheets are gravure by DLR (for example). In the few cases where this is different (eg the Walsall printed sheets, this is mentioned. Printers are also mentioned for some PSB stamps and coils.

      I think only the Business Sheets have seen a deliberate and permanent switch in printers, and in only a few cases does the same stamp exist from more than one. Some of these are mentioned, but not all.

      I'll see what can be done, maybe by more notes, in the next major edition. Thanks for the suggestions.


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