Thursday 23 October 2014

Post and Go Catalogue ? - not yet, not here!

Now that our Machin Security Definitives Catalogue is available - and thanks for all the kind comments about it - a number of collectors have asked if we are doing something similar for Post and Go Faststamps.

If anything these are more complex, and we all accept that the listing of these in Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise catalogue is very basic, even with all the caveats in the introduction about intentional and unintentional variables.

But I'm afraid for the present the answer must be no, I don't have time, nor the detailed knowledge, of all the variants that exist.  There are two other source of detailed information about Faststamps:

- John McCullum produces the periodic ATM Informer newsletter which is sent by email.  Contact details and more data on Postal Mechanisation and so on can be found here.  John has plenty to do apart from philately and I don't think he currently has time to produce a comprehensive Catalogue to match the Norvic Security Machins catalogue.

- Vince Patel produces a detailed listing of the stamps available from the many different machines at Exhibitions large and small.  The latest can be downloaded here.  If you want to contact Vince to get on his mailing list, email me and I'll pass on your request. (That avoids putting his email address here and attracting spammers!) 

I do recognise that my own numbering system - used on our webshop - is probably incomprehensible to most collectors.  I'll try to produce a simple guide to help you find your way - or change the numbers!

But if anybody else feels like producing a comprehensive and detailed catalogue of Post and Go Faststamps I'm happy to help with the publicity and distribution.  I can even help with some illustrations - which I think will be more important with Post and Go than with Security Stamps!  There is a demand out there - who's up for it?  Send me an email!

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