Monday 11 March 2013

Post and Go machines on tour in 2013

Royal Mail have given us a schedule of events at which there will be Hytech v2 Post and Go machines this year. 

There will be no overprints on Faststamps produced at these local events:

Salisbury Stamp Show - 15/16 March - Union flag / Machin

Midpex - 6/7 July - Union flag / Machin /
                                Freshwater Life 2: Lakes, first day of availability in Hytech machines

York Stamp Fair - July - Union flag / Machin / Freshwater Life 2: Lakes

There will also be machines at:

84th Scottish Congress Perth in April, with '84th Scottish Congress' overprint on Union Flag and Machin.

Australia 2013 International Exhibition in Melbourne Australia in May, with 'Australia 2013 World Stamp Expo' overprint on Union Flag and Machin.

UPDATE 8 May: The UK-printed versions of the Australia 2013 stamps (with code GB) may now be ordered from Royal Mail Tallents House, in collectors sets of 6 at £6.42 ONLY:

Stock code ZS022 - Union Flag with Australia 2013 overprint 
Stock code ZS023 - Machin head with Australia 2013 overprint

We are hoping to have very limited stocks of similar stamps printed at the show with location code AU soon, for regular customers.  Any surplus will be made available on our e-commerce shop.

Autumn Stampex, London, in September, with 'The Coronation 60th Anniversary' overprint on the Union Flag stamp.

If we get supplies of the overprinted Faststamps we will provide details later.

By the way, if you visit these events, don't forget to look out for the Smilers option as well, as Royal Mail usually take their iPad and printer as they did at Stampex.


  1. I suppose the code for the Australia 2013 International Exhibition ones will be A5AU13 rather than A5GB13.

    1. That has been suggested, but we have no firm information.

  2. By 'Machin' I wonder if RM have identified/confirmed 2nd Class/2nd Class Large Blue or 'Beige' for 1st Class/6x NVI collector strips or Both? As one assumes these Machines will be one of either A2/A3/A4 which have the 'trial upgrade' Hytech technology? I'm guessing standard 'Beige' plus Flags at Salisbury?

    1. I don't think they will take 2nd class on the road, they would only sell £1.19 for a strip instead of £6.42 (at today's rates).

      A contact in Germany has said A4 & A4, with 1st class Machin and Flags for Australia and I think that will be the pattern elsewhere. I don't think they will take any of the other series.

  3. 2nd class is not supposed to be on any other hytech machine again, and certainly not on any roaming machines.

  4. "2nd class is not supposed to be on any other hytech machine again"

    My information is that Wincor-Nixdorf machines will probably not be adapted to take 2nd class (because they are programmed for 6 values), and that Post Office branch roll-out depends on the installation of Hytech v2 machines at those branches which have a need, and more than one or 2 machines, such as Birmingham (10) and Nottingham (8).

    I realise that if this is the case the public may be confused by having two different machines at one location, AND the Hytech machines seen so far only take cards, but these factors are doubtless affecting the roll-out to branches.

  5. Needless to say the weighing component.....but this has been hinted at - (and) i.e. must be well into production if Roll Out around Summertime is to be achieved...

  6. Ian

    Can I check out your reply above in which you say A4 and A4 will be the machines at Melbourne?
    I am presuming it will be 2 from A2, A3 and A4.
    Have you any news on availability here in the UK.

  7. Thanks, that was a typo and should have read A3 & A4 as I was originally told. But it seems that three machines will be in Melbourne according to Brian's latest entry at

    Nothing stands still for a moment here does it?

  8. Just to say Royal Mail are now selling the GB version of the two sets from Tallents House codes ZS022 and ZS023 - forget which code is which sorry.

  9. Interesting comment on the Midpex 2013 website.
    "We were also delighted to accept an offer from Royal Mail to host their “Post and Go” facility, which will, we are promised, include a first day, new pictorial, issue (Pond Life 2), plus other features"

    1. Yes, it's correct, thanks for reminding me of the need to update this post.


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