Thursday 28 February 2013

Machin stamps from Doctor Who prestige stamp book

We can now show the Machin definitives from the Dr Who Prestige Stamp books to be released on 26 March.  These are all new stamps - gummed, with M12L MPIL security codes.  Thanks to Richard P for these images.

The format of the PSB is unusual - see original Doctor Who entry.


  1. I wonder if the short “I” in “MPIL” on the 87p stamp will be constant or will it vary?

    1. It may just be a trick of the light; these things are very difficult to get images off, especially if you do 4 at once in a row as these were. You'll notice other distortions on the RH side of the 87p & 20p - especially at the foot. But we will find out in due course.

  2. Yesterday I recieved the books from the Tallents House. Hlf of the book is inverted is this normal?



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