Tuesday 19 February 2013

BPMA Robin Faststamps replaced by Flag stamp this week

I thought that the seasonal Robin would disappear from the BPMA Post and Go machine right after Christmas, but I was wrong.  Now Stuart has directed us to this from the BPMA's website. 

The Union Flag will be in use from Thursday this week, so if you are visiting Stampex, take a walk (or the bus) down to Freeling House, Phoenix Place, London WC1X 0DL.   It's a 15-minute brisk walk from the Angel Underground station.
21 February 2013
A new stamp design will be available at the Post & Go machine in the Royal Mail Archive from Thursday, 21 February 2013. The 'Christmas Robin' will be replaced by the Union Flag with the special overprint reading "The B.P.M.A.". 

Visitors to the BPMA can purchase the stamps by credit / debit card only during our opening hours. An official First Day Cover featuring the new Union Flag design will be available from the BPMA online shop from 25 February 2013.

We do not have any stock of these at this stage.  When we have stock available for sale we will announced it in the blog.

UPDATE: Thanks to Chris we can now show the Collectors set and receipt

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  1. or the number 19 or 38 bus, Islington Green/Angel to Mount Pleasant.


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