Monday 14 January 2013

London Underground Special Delivery CDS FDCS - done the way they should be

We've been sent some more images of London Underground first day covers sent from a relevant post office by special delivery to get the branch counter date stamp.  The original story is here.

First a repeat of Chris's Walthamstow(e) Central cover

Now a pair of covers (and reverses) postmarked at Boston Parade PO, close to Boston Manor station.  These also have the RMT Union metermark.


  1. And what is the collection interest in these? They haven't been postally used!

    1. I have covered the address of the collector who prepared these, posted them, and had them delivered next day by the Special Delivery service. I can assure you that they have all passed through the post in the correct way, which is why they have additional postage over and above the set (or booklet) to make up to £5.90 the special delivery rate.


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