Wednesday 30 January 2013

A recent slogan postmark error - how widespread is it?

After Christmas Royal Mail introduced a new slogan on some of its ink-jet machines.  I don't know when it started as the Christmas Special Delivery slogan was still in use at some offices into January.


Delivered by Royal Mail // Royal Mail / Lancashire and / South Lakes / 25.01.13
Check Royal Mail's  
Education Website

However at least at the Lanacshire and South Lakes MLO they got the slogan wrong as this web address was not in use, only reserved for use.  The correct address is

UPDATE: Margaret reports that Plymouth and Cornwall mail centre had this error on 21.01.13

UPDATE: Thanks to Stuart for sending this image showing that North West Midlands had corrected the error by 29 January

And to Doug for sending this one from Cambridge Mail Centre 30.01.13

And John for this one from Manchester also 30.01.13

Please look at your incoming mail and let us know of any other offices (and dates) with the incorrect slogan, and dates when it was corrected - many thanks!  Scans will be useful.

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  1. Corrected at Cambridge Mail Centre postmark 30.01.13 time 5pm
    Doug (Enfield)


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