Tuesday 22 January 2013

New images for February's new stamps

Royal Mail have provided these images for the stamps to be issued in February - preliminary images were shown earlier.  Click on any of these to see larger versions.

There will be two values of blue Machin Faststamps, 2nd class and 2nd class Large. I didn't notice that the year code MA12 was included in the original publicity image, and the same code is shown on these two, just NW of the Queen's nose.

The coding on these indicates printing in the UK in February 2013.  The stamps in the Bureau Pack are likely to be coded 2NL13 rather than 2GB13 unless different arrangements have been made from earlier packs.  I'm not convinced that the positioning of the weight service indicator is correct.

The higher resolution images of the Jane Austen publicity images (these are still not actual stamps) haven't improved them greatly but if you click on them you can see them as two larger images:

These images of the Pond Life faststamps show no year code in the background, and the spacing of the weight limit is different to that used previously (and is probably, therefore, wrong!)


  1. If the Royal Mail really cared about the cost of 'special' stamps to collectors, it would price each one at the 2nd class rate.
    But they know full well that saps like me will continue to buy them regardless until breaking point is reached.
    I wonder how many GB collectors have simply given-up the ghost since the Millennium?

    1. Well, Paul, given that a lot of the stamps that are used by ordinary people are 1st class (see http://blog.norphil.co.uk/2013/01/modern-british-stamps-are-used-by.html) that would seriously reduce the number of special stamps on time-sensitive competition entries!

      I think they have to strike a balance - 2nd class, 1st class, and airmail rates. That balance may not yet have been found.


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