Wednesday 2 January 2013

British Automobile Legends in August 2013 includes E-Type Jaguar

Royal Mail have released the first picture of the British Auto Legends set due on 13 August.

The shape of the stamps suits the subject very well - and the colour is Royal Mail Red, tying in with the 1st class rate!
(Better image added 7.1.13)

Who wants to take an uninformed guess at what the other models will be?


  1. I think other stamps will include the Land Rover and Mini for sure. I'm hoping for an Aston Martin (DB5 would be nice), Lotus, Rolls Royce and Bentley.

  2. I wonder if the issue will include the Morris Minor, Ford Anglia these two cars are within the legendary category as design icons. That's not to say I'd owned either or particularly like them but that doesn't diminish the significant part they played in the history of British Motor Cars. Me I'd love to see a Triumph TR4 and would buy a sheet if they did.


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