Tuesday 18 December 2012

Has Walsall produced the first British 3D-stamp?

A reader has sent this picture of the 2nd class 2012 Christmas stamp received today.  It's the sort of view that Santa might have after a few too many sherries on the night of 24th/25th December.

We're used to minor mis-registration of the colours on modern stamps produced on high-speed presses, especially on the booklets produced by Walsall, but this is a spectacular shift!

It's difficult to be sure from this image but it doesn't look like the De La Rue sheet version.

Thanks to AAB.

UPDATE: H J R has sent this image from the 1st class booklet, so it's not just Rudolph!

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  1. 2 other colour shifts are currently for sale on ebay, 121046298839 a 2nd class 2012 Christmas stamp red shift to the left and 310549807341 a sheet of 2012 reprint of the traditional Madonna & child stamp


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