Saturday 1 December 2012

BPMA Post and Go machine overprint update

British Postal Museum and Archive Post and Go machine - update.

We've been told recently that the overprint on the machines installed at the BPMA will be only
The B.P.M.A.

and not the full name as we originally wrote.  (See

We understand that the machine will start with a choice of Robin and Machin stamps, will change to Machin and Flag after Christmas, and then to 1st and 2nd class Machins in March when the 2nd class roll-out takes place.

No pictorial series Faststamps will be included in any of the overprinting machines; overprints will be reserved for 'definitive' or 'generic' designs, such as Machin, Flag and Christmas Robin.

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  1. The machine is up and running. See


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