Friday 14 December 2012

Royal Mail Red Machin definitives in Business Sheets - 3 January 2013 issue

More deliveries from Royal Mail allow me to post these pictures of the new business sheets which will be issued on 3 January.

The source and year codes are as expected, M12L MBIL on the small, and MA12 MBIL on the Large, in the same positions as before.  Detailed close-ups of all the stamps will be shown when my Machin elf has scanned them for me! The only new stamp still awaited is the MRIL coil of 10,000.


  1. is it at all possible to get hold of these stamps early?

    I really want to use one on something, but I need to post if for collection on the 30th or 31st.

  2. No, even those of us who have them on pre-release for sending to customers on the day, or preparing first day covers, cannot use them before 3 January.

    You will have to use Christmas or Jubilee blue stamps.

  3. I have just received a First Day Cover of this issue with Windsor FDC postmark. This postmark is very noticeably produced with an inkjet printer (like most ordinary postmarks) rather than the traditional handstamp - I have not seen this before. Is this a new development, or is it just that I have only noticed now due to a poor quality application so the individual dots are clearly visible?

    1. Without seeing it it is impossible to tell. If you can scan the postmark and send it to I'll have a look.

      We had FDCs prepared with the Windsor permanent postmark which is still a rubber stamp.

  4. The 10,000 rolls are printed by Enschéde will that be Gravure or Litho - anyone know?


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