Tuesday 6 December 2011

Post and Go version 2 update brings 40g for Birds 4

The delayed upgrade of Post and Go machines to software version 2 is now under way in earnest.  We're told that about half of the machines have now been upgraded in bulk by an internet download, rather than the attendance of an engineer to each machine.

Although many offices are using Machin Faststamps we have received Birds 4 and we're hoping to get Birds 3 later this week.  Just how many offices have Birds 4 is unknown, although as distribution was originally very limited (due to stock-control errors at Swindon which were later corrected) many offices will be back on Birds 4 after having initial stocks exhausted.  Just how many still have Birds 3 is more difficult to determine.  We had very few reports of Bird 3 continuing until September.

With version 2, the scanning equipment is now operative, so customers can purchase non-stamp products such as stationery which are on sale at many offices.  Shown here alongside the Birds 4 40g stamps is a receipt for a roll of tape from Old Street machine 1.

Spotted on eBay: Birds 3 40g from Ludgate Circus PO in London - 7/12/11.
Birds 3 also reported (10/12/11) from Dartford machine no 1. (Thanks KH)

December week 1.  - see separate blog entry for images
St Vincent Edinburgh dispensing Birds 3
St James Glasgow dispensing Birds 4 but with original font, printing over image.

6/12/11 - Paignton, Plymouth & Exeter on v2, but Paignton shut down on the same day - see Comment.

Further update 11/12/11 (thanks Malcolm)
Barnet EN5 5UU dispensing Birds 4
The following are dispensing Machins
Holloway N7 6HY,   Upper Holloway N19 5TA   Golders Green NW11 8RT
Balham SW12 9AF and Hampstead NW3 1QL
Clapham Common SW4 7ST is still version 1 dispensing Machins
Norwich both machines converted, one at least has Birds 4. (thanks to IS)
DR Confirms that Boston has 40g but no Birds.

Dartford v2 dispensing Birds 3
Orpington v2 dispensing Machin but wrong typeface (up to 40g seems correct though, see attachment)
Clapham Common still v1
Blackfriars Road and London Bridge v2 dispensing machins
Acton v2 dispensing birds 3
Sutton v1 dispensing birds 4


  1. Various reports have been added showing some Machins, some still version 1, some Birds 4.

  2. As mentioned in a separate posting, with images, machine 2 at the St James Centre, Edinburgh PO, was dispensing Birds 3 in the first week of December. At the same time machine 3 at the St Vincent Street, Glasgow, PO was dispensing Birds 4 with the original Wincor font, thus printing over the picture.

  3. Last week I went into the PO in Paignton on Tuesday and part of the V2 was working but not the RSF or Special Delivery,then latter that day the whole lot went down and was still out on saturday?
    I wonder if any others started and finished on the same day.
    On Tuesday The PO's at Exeter & Plymouth had V2 but have not heard anymore about them.

  4. Still problems with the Paignton P&G Kiosk, I understand from the Manager on Saturday that the Kiosk was working for two days on Thursday & Friday, but is out off order again due to a problem with the touch screen.

    So since the V2 update this offices kiosk has worked only 2.1/2 days.


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