Thursday 15 December 2011

2010 2nd class self-adhesive coil - nobody has any!

We have had several enquiries for the 2010 self-adhesive 2nd class coil stamp recently - people are missing it from their collections.

A reminder, then, that the reason you - and I - are missing it from our collections is that only FIVE copies are known, all used.

This is how we reported it back in July.  Apart from the few more that have been found after this one, as far as we know, nobody has any mint examples.  We'd love to be able to supply them to you, mint or used, at any price.  I've handled one of the used copies, but even that isn't mine.

Richard P has kindly sent this image of a 2010 2nd class self-adhesive coil MA10 MRIL on a direct mailshot.

This is a new find and suggests that the 1st class might also be out there.  We have reason to believe, from information supplied by Royal Mail, that the 2011 versions also exist. However, we have no way of knowing whether the part of Royal Mail which supplies these to the mailing houses has yet sold, or even received, any of the 2011 versions - which have been produced for both 1st and  2nd class values.


  1. I have just found a ma10 mril from the wine club in a oxfam 1kg bag. Is it still rare with only 5 stamps known ? Now 6

  2. Excellent news, Michael!

    If you can, please send us a picture. On 2nd class a flat scan ought to show the detail, or a macro photo at the right angle. Send to, thanks


  3. Ian

    Add another 1 to the list, found yesterday.

    Tried to scan it, the MRIL shows clearly but not the MA10.

  4. Hi Ian,
    Having sifted through lbs's of recent kiloware material which included a lot of the wine club envelope trimmings, I have found an R ra10 on a piece of plain paper in the end.
    Will send scan over. If anyone is interested in buying please let me know

  5. And another - found whilst digging through a bag of 2nd class that I acquired a couple of months ago.


  6. Because I don't know whether all of the ones that have been on eBay are different ones to those who have been mentioned here, I've lost track of the total now :-(

  7. Ha! Make that two this afternoon!
    Doesn't sound like there are that many though in the overall scheme of things?


  8. found 2 in killoware but sadly one has a top left hand corner crease!

  9. Last week I went through my entire stock of MRIL's which I have been finding in kiloware since they were first issued. Several hundred and found 16 of these. Sold one early this week on eBay at £51 and 1 to a special client in the US & 2 are in my collection. Rest are for sale. Details on request


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