Wednesday 7 December 2011

Golden Machin Horizon label mark III now in use.

The recent batch of Mark II Horizon labels were incompletely cut, resulting in a 5-8mm portion at the top of each label remaining on the backing if the label was removed from the foot.  Because of this many offices reverted to white labels - giving rise to many 'rare' narrow font labels and labels with the new VAT codes appearing on eBay.

The Mark III golden label is now in use.  This has die-cut curves at the left and right, and semi-circular ones in the corners, but no slits at all at the top and foot.   The serial number printed on the back of the one I used this morning is U082597507. I hope somebody will be able to provide a picture soon.

The picture here compares the Mk II version at the top, with the Mk III version below.

The concave (inward pointing) semi-circle starts immediately above the 'A' in the top image, two convex (outward pointing) semi-circles run below the ends of the concave one.  The one on the left runs through the A, just at the top of the triangle, the one on the right is in a similar position in the coronet, with the right end pointing to the cut in the corner.

In the lower example, the corner cuts are present but the other three are not.  This applies to the top and bottom of the label, but the similar cuts at left and right remain.

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  1. A reader phoned to say that the earliest date he has on this type is 21 November, from LL18 (Rhyl).

    Thanks for that call, nr anonymous!



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