Friday 9 December 2011

Cross-blog promotion

A new post from Roy on MachinMania reminding his readers to look here for information about the new Machin stamps prompts me to remind you, my readers, to follow MachinMania where you often have background information and historic information about this long series.  MachinMania concentrates almost exclusively on Machins, but not just British ones, and there is much to be gained from dropping in their now and then.

Similarly for information on Faststamps and Post & Go in general, you should also have Brian Sinnott's Postagelabelsuk blog on your list.  Brian isn't always completely up to date and the requirements of his day job prevent him from updating as often as I'm sure he would like, but when he does post, there is always something groundbreaking.  

Today he has written about the 40g Faststamps for Birds 3 (but he hasn't got the Scottish offices on his list), and introduces us to the new 'Premier' PO in Birmingham which is almost exclusively self-service from what we can see.  10 Post and Go machines result in one having kiosk ID=0, and "a new, foldable, ‘mini’ date stamp, currently reserved for ‘customer side’ use on Post and Go receipts."  Certainly different.

Anybody interested in Smilers who isn't already aware of Graham Howard's website is missing out on all the latest news.  Not a blog as such, so without the usual search and keyword cluster features, you can keep updated on Smilers Info News by using the Change Detection box which we also use on the Norvic Philatelics webpages.

The British Postal Museum and Archive blog is full of interesting snippets (follow them on twitter as well), and if you are interested in GB Postal History - the stamped variety - and postage rates the Great Britain Philately blog is for you!


  1. I'd be grateful if you could indicate where it is possible to order the Birmingahm cover highlighted in Machin Mania. Many thanks

  2. I'm sorry, notification of this comment dropped into gmail's spam folder (silly isn't it as the blog is hosted by google as well?)

    At this stage I think it better that you ask your question on the Machin Mania blog as Roy or Larry will know the details.


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