Tuesday 6 July 2010

MA10 Security Machins - a summary so far

Although you can see all blogposts about these by clicking on the MA10 keyword at the foot of some posts or in the word-bubble on the right of the page, I thought we had reached the stage where a summary might be useful.

So, in chronological order of issue, rather than discovery, linked to the original post (where the pictures are):

26 January - retail book 6 x 1st with change to postcode advertisement - MSIL (discovered April)

24 February - retail books 12 x 2nd, 12 x 1stMTIL (discovered April).  Both were sold by Royal Mail at Stampex but not noticed at that time.  The 1st class has no printer's name and was scheduled for issue on 15 December 2009 although we believe that the first Bureau distribution was actually in January.  One printing of these stamps does not have the MA10 code, and these are still being issued by Royal Mail's Tallents House Bureau against stock code UB309.  As Royal Mail have not separately listed the booklets or stamps with MA10 security code, the old stock for this code will probably be replaced by MA10 coded stock with no prior announcement.

25 February - Olympic/Paralympic mixed retail book 6 x 1st - MCIL (discovered April).

30 March - retail book of 6 x 1st with London 2010 advertisement MSIL (discovered April) - this was the first booklet in which the new code was noticed, which prompted dealers and collectors to look back at the year's earlier booklets.

8 May - at the London 2010 Festival of Stamps: retail books of 4 x 1st Large and 4 x 2nd Large, code MFIL.  Previous versions had the source code in the word FOYAL.

8 May - in the King George V prestige stamp booklet 2nd class, 1st class & 50p coded MPIL. This was the first 50p stamp issued other than in counter sheets.  What sets these three apart is the existence of two different types of security slits (paperclip) and differences in the interrupted perforations.

13 May - 2nd & 1st class coils of 500 and 1000 coded MRIL.  The first security stamps on ordinary gummed paper and therefore without security slits.

24 May - 1st class counter sheets - code MAIL.  Printing date 10/03/10

10 June - 1st class Large Business Sheet - code MBIL instead of ROYBL, printing date 09/03/10

30 June - 2nd class counter sheets - code MAIL.  Printing date 10/03/10 as 1st class.

30 June - 1st class Business Sheet This remains unconfirmed. I've now received a copy on a letter from Birmingham dated 20 July 2010 with MBIL source code. Richard reports printing dates are 02/03/10 & 03/03/10 - picture here.

12 August - 2nd class (letter) Business Sheets - printing date of 05/03/10.

November - the 1st class Large from counter sheets (code MAIL) - we have limited supplies.  Picture now here!


  1. I purchased strips from the 13th May issue of the 1st and 2nd coils from the Bureau on the 16th June. Their invoice/despatch note does not show any product code. Items just shown as:
    STRIP 500 x 1ST 10 COIL NEW Qty 20
    STRIP 500 x 2ND 10 COIL NEW Qty 20
    Doug (Enfield)

  2. Thanks for pointing this out Doug. The '10' can only mean that they are the 2010 versions; they are, of course, different to the previous versions (DC891 2nd and DC909 1st) in that they are not self-adhesive

    The stock codes are:

    DC916 - 500 x 1st
    DC917 - 500 x 2nd
    DC918 - 1000 x 1st
    DC919 - 1000 x 2nd

    Although coils are listed on Royal Mail's website, choosing the 500 x 2nd brings this description:

    "500 x 2nd Class Stamp Roll (PIP design)" !!

  3. Correction - "DC891 2nd and DC909 1st" are the non-security ordinarily-gummed coils, possibly PIP, per the Bureau stock list.

  4. Add to your list the retail book 15th June MCIL (MAMMALS RETAIL BOOKLET)


  5. Thanks Roy,

    It wasn't my intention to list all subsequent sources - the Olympics book 3 also has MCIL. The only reason that I list two sources of MSIL is because the London 2010 booklet was the first one in which the new code was noticed, or so I understood!

    I've heard suggestions that the 19 August Retail booklets: 12x2nd, 6x1st might, apart from having no printers name, have other novel features not yet seen. I must order some!

  6. COnfirmation that the 19 August booklets have no extra features - as far as I can tell. The only change seems to be the lack of printer's name.


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