Friday 9 July 2010

New typeface for Horizon labels - white and gold

I've never really understood the terminology attached to the new Post Office Counters computer system.  The old system, in use for about 8 years nationwide, is called 'Horizon' - hence Horizon Labels.

The new system is called 'Horizon Online' - but given that the old system enabled realtime financial transactions, cash withdrawals etc, that must have been online in a sense.  I'll await clarification!  What I do know is that the system menus are different, and notices appeared in our crown office asking for patience while they acquainted themselves with the new system.

A by-product is a further change in the type face used on Horizon labels.  The most recent version is shown below left, and the new version alongside.

Unchangeable software affected the old style, meaning that the Service Indicator text started in the centre of the printed area, rather than being centered, and often extended beyond the ruled lines.

This has been rectified in the new version, although the Royal Mail text is still left-justified.  The postcode and session numbers appear now to be right-justified giving the printing an overall neater look.

Offices which are not yet using gold Machin labels but which have the new software will produce the new type on white labels.  I would be interested in images - or even examples - of any of these, especially Welsh.   I'd also like to show Welsh gold 'online' labels. 

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