Wednesday 30 June 2010

Machin MA10 - two more new stamps found

In a comment on one of the earlier posts, Doug in Enfield has reported:

Just obtained the 2nd from counter sheets from my local post office. (Enfield Wash) Printing date shows as 10/03/10 Cyl. D1 D1 Small nicks in top/bottom of the slit.   This is the same date as the 1st class counter sheet.

Edit:  Thanks to Richard P for an image of the above, found in very small numbers in Norwich:

Also reported today, the 1st class (small) Business Sheet - no printing date or location has been provided but when we know it we will tell you.  (Printing date now confirmed as 02/03/10 & 03/03/10)

We don't have stocks of these, but they should appear soon - and when we have them we will add them to our e-commerce site

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