Friday 16 July 2010

New retail booklets, 19 August issue

Two more retail booklets are being issued without the printer's name.  Royal Mail's Philatelic Bureau counts this as a 'visible change' (to the booklet) even though they take no notice of the visible change to stamps with MA10 codes, so these will be distributed on standing order.

Details are as follows:

12 x 2nd - Cylinders W4 W2(p) W1
Packing date 15/06/10 - pack code SB12S 0710  Barcode 5-014721-112336

6 x 1st - Cylinders W5 W1(p) W1
Packing date 08/06/10 - pack code SB6F 0710 Barcode 5-014721-112305

The booklets are printed by Walsall, and the stamps have the normal year and source codes with no other differences as far as I can see.  That means both are MA10, with MSIL on the 1st and MTIL on the 2nd class.  And all booklets, cylinder and non-cylinder, have 7.5mm edge strips - this may be the standard in future as the wide strip is already standard on Christmas booklets.

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