Thursday 22 July 2010

Update: Faststamps take flight at Stampex, in September!

Update on Pictorial Faststamps - (see initial report here)

We now have confirmation of the distribution & philatelic arrangements for the
  Six is an odd number considering the labels are dispensed in strips of 5.  It would be better, surely, to leave the robin to be included in a Christmas-themed set?  Although all shown as 1st class 100gr, the Faststamps will, of course, be available with any of the 5 service indicators.

We now know that these will be available at 30 locations (about 60 machines) across the country in addition to Stampex, on the day of issue.  The listed we've been provided with is shown below:

(If this isn't clear on your browser, double-click on the list to see the original image.)

There will also be a pack from Royal Mail containing all 6 designs, and a generic Post & Go FDC, with three official first day of issue handstamps.  These can be seen on our website here, together with any other special handstamps.

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