Sunday 13 June 2010

Machin MA10 - now the 1st Large Business Sheet

The 1st class gold Large Letter Business Sheet has now been found with the MA10 code.  The printing date on the sheet header is 09/03/10, thanks to Richard for this image.

As you can see, the MA10 code is to the left of the eye, and the source code MBIL code is in the top right sector behind the head.  This is another change too the source code, as the previous Business Sheets had (RO)YBLMAIL in the top line at the top right.

Now on Sale
We have a limited supply of these and other stamps with security features now listed on our e-commerce site.

Horizon Labels
My visit to Cumbria last week was largely free of philatelic interest but I did notice gold horizon labels in use at Grasmere village PO, where they had been "for a few weeks".  The postmaster reported, as others have done, difficulty removing them from the backing paper, suggesting that the perforations didn't actually make it any easier.

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