Monday 17 July 2023

Norvic Machin Security Stamps Checklist version 2.6.9

When I launched Checklist version 267 in January of this year, I speculated that it might be the last. 

Only three situations could produce a new one:

1. New printings of existing Queen Elizabeth Machins in 2023 with a year code of M23L.  This is unlikely.

2. New values due to new tariff.  This seems even less likely.  One would imagine that preparations for the design of new definitives have been in place for decades even if the possible design has been changed over the years as King Charles has got older.  (The first KC3 stamps were issued in April.)

3. A new Prestige Stamp book containing new values.  The first issue of the new year, all 'blockbuster' issues, and Music Giants have included PSBs - until this latest one.  Whilst not conclusive evidence, this suggests to me that there are no plans to have PSBs - or maybe no plans to have Machins in them - until after the definitives for the King are issued.  

Well, that just goes to show that my optimism was unfounded and that Royal Mail produce their stamps well ahead of the proposed issue date (and yet sometimes still have delays in supply).

In the event there were two more Prestige Stamp Books, the X-men in February and Flying Scotsman in March, the first of which produced the 2nd class Machin with MPIL code. 

A fourth reason for a new list, which I should have anticipated given the caveat over Concise catalogue numbering shown in GSM supplements, was that Stanley Gibbons would do some re-numbering.  

And so for these two reasons I have today updated and uploaded version 269 of the Checklist, which really ought to be the last one, and you can download it here.

Remember, if you cannot find this post to download it again, the link is always on the right-hand navigation panel - just under our sales lists!

Addendum: thank you to the several people who have pointed that on page 19, the V4845 (10p barcoded) is from DY45 Tutankhamun, not DY44 Transformers.   In several places the Flying Scotsman PSB number is omitted - it's DY47.

On that subject, a timely reminder that I am selling ALL Machins including my Security Stamps reference collection which includes many stamps not listed on the e-commerce site, for many years.  Use the checklist as a list of what could be available.  Stocks are changing too rapidly for me to keep an active stock list (especially as for many stamps I have only one copy). 

Email to ask if the ones you want are available.  Act now, there are a lot of scarce PSB singles waiting for a customer to decide if he can afford all he wants.  If he can't, they will be available.  Staged payments are possible, just ask.

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  1. Ian: many thanks for your heroic efforts to keep this listing up-to-date and correct. I've found it very useful as a cross-check to make sure that I've not missed a variant.

    As to whether a further version will be needed: although SG seem to have decided not to make changes to the U-series numbers (the "temporary" warning has gone from the 2023 Concise), that flag still remains on the QEII V-series listing. Time will tell.


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