Saturday 30 July 2022

Varities and retouches on Machins from booklets.

We don't see them like this any more!  I found a small stash of booklets with varieties which can be added to collections at little cost - except for the missing phosphor!

Some examples:

10p booklet FA3, miscut with 6p at right.

10p booklet FA1, missing shading under necklace

10p booklet FA3 with 'SE Asia' inset on rate table.

10p booklet FA11, Beard flaw on 1p.

See these and more on List 4, download it here.

Orders can be taken from all or any lists and combined.

Thank you for looking.


  1. On your photo of "10p booklet FA1, missing shading under necklace" I've noticed the small boomerang shape just above the necklace and I've had a ½p like that since 1976 or '77 and thought it looked to be from the crimson ink of the 1p stamps. Is it a known variety ?

    1. I'm afraid that is a piece of debris on the scanner or te Hagner sheet.

    2. Ah, what a coincidence !


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