Wednesday 27 July 2022

Postboxes round the UK painted for 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

In the spring postboxes in some cities were painted yellow for World Book Day. Now a few boxes has been painted for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

According to Royal Mail's Twitter feed, the pink and purple boxes include graphics and encouraging messages to participating teams. The postboxes are located in Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast.

This is the one in Birmingham New Street, outside Superdrug.  Also in two pictures, Nigel Huddleston, local MP and DCMS Minister for Tourism, Sport, Commonwealth Games, Heritage, and Civil Society.

Postbox in New Street, Birmingham, painted for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Now, we know that the others are in the capital cities, but Royal Mail haven't identified those locations. If you can locate them please let me know, amd photos will be welcome.

UPDATE:  The Belfast Telegraph has reported on and provided a picture of the one in Donegall Square, Belfast (Photo: SWNS)

Royal Mail postbox in Donegall Square, Belfast, painted in Commonwealth Games 2022 colours. (photo credit SWNS)

FURTHER UPDATE: Thanks to CFN for this photo of the London postbox which is on the junction Southampton Place WC1 / High Holborn. 

Royal Mail postbox in Southampton Place, London WC1, painted in Commonwealth Games 2022 colours.

UPDATE 7 August:  Thanks to MM for these pictures of the Commonwealth Games painted box on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

Royal Mail postbox in Edinburgh, painted in Commonwealth Games 2022 colours.


  1. Edinburgh is on the Royal Mile outside Hector Russell Kiltmakers. It was painted when I saw it Saturday last but no graphics. had been applied.

  2. Northern Ireland's is in Donegal Square, Belfast from press reports. Exact location in the square unclear.

  3. According to RM's website that parcel postbox is one of only five in Birmingham but I think there could be more.
    That site lists only two in my town but yesterday I noticed another one just a twelve minute walk from me.

  4. From Whiteknight - the B’ham postbox next to the parcel box featured in New Street is the one that is usually used for these paint jobs when anything worth doing a spot of painting about occurs. It’s a couple of hundred yards or so from the city’s main post office in Pinfold Street off Victoria Square where Queen Victoria’s statue has also had an ‘artistic’ makeover. The Square is also home to the city’s ‘Floozie in the Jacuzzi’ which pranksters, at great financial cost to the city, have found it amusing to fill with bubble bath in recent weeks.

  5. The Belfast postbox is on the NW corner of Donegall Square. It's the double aperture box that has often been used for such "paint jobs".


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