Monday 11 July 2022

New Booklet stock in new and updated lists

Being originally a collector and latterly a dealer I am, like many collectors, finding 'things that I didn't know I had' (or at the very least, forgotten about).

And so I have been able to update Booklet List 1 with a range of Folded and Window Booklets (Gibbons F & G numbers).  To make it easier if you have already looked, these additions are printed in blue * .

The list also includes a few illustrations. Some show clipped perforations so that it is clear what is being described, but the other is for the 'Penny Black' booklet FL1, which contains a mix of 14p and 11½p stamps.  The stamps in this booklet show remarkable variations between booklets suggesting multiple cylinders or ink mixes.  This gives collectors the opportunity to buy something not quite the same as that which they already have.

Another point to remember in these booklets is that many of the contain stamps which are 'different'.

In the above booklets, for instance phosphor bands on the 11½p stamps and the pair of 14p stamps at the left are complete, but the remaining 14p stamps have short bands at top and bottom on one side, the continuous bands producing on the bottom row 11½p stamps with left band and right band.

Similarly the FX (Christmas books) with two stamp values in, do not have continuous phosphor bands but what were referred to by collectors and dealers at the time of issue as phosphor bars.  

None of these is separately catalogued in the SG Concise but they are in the Specialised catalogues.

List 2 is a list of Prestige Stamp Books, from the beginning. No premium (DY) books are included and few of the later DX books.  Many of these are one-offs.   All are included including those with few or no Machins.  High prices for a few reflect the number of 2nd class, 1st class or E stamps included.

* IMPORTANT: when I clicked on the link to List 1, and viewed it in Firefox, the text that should have been blue appeared black.  But when I downloaded it the text was blue as it should be.  You may need to do a download rather than read the file in your web-browser.

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  1. "I am, like many collectors, finding 'things that I didn't know I had'" for me includes the £1.70 ( 10 x 17p ) with "Revised rates ( 2nd class (60g) 12p )" which Stanley Gibbons listed as FT5a A in their GB Concise last year as £24.


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