Tuesday 5 July 2022

July 2022 slogans and other interesting postal markings.

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games slogan has been interrupted by Royal Mail's annual exhortation to dog-owners to keep their hounds under control when the postie is around. 

So we have the same slogan as used in previous years with one layout from Exeter (who RW says have appeared to have found some more ink!), and the other in examples from Manchester from KD, and JE who couples his with a dog stamp - all are dated 2 July.

Week 2022 
Dog Awareness Week 2022 slogan postmark from Exeter Mail Centre 02-07-2022

Dog Awareness Week 2022 slogan postmark from Manchester Mail Centre 02/07/2022

Dog Awareness Week 2022 slogan postmark on dog stamp from Manchester Mail Centre 02/07/2022

UPDATE 13 July. As predicted, the Commonwealth Games slogan continued after the Dog Awareness campaign (see last month).  My thanks to MM for a reverse impression on a square red envelope which I find can best be shown by a lot of digital manipulation to remove the colour and increase the contrast. This is from SE Wales dated 11/07/222

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games slogan, reverse use at SE Wales 11/07/2022

UPDATE 14 July: thanks also to MA for this fine example from Birmingham Mail Centre 13/07/2022 - totally unnecessary as it is on a Machin PPI, but well worth showing here.

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games slogan, at Birmingham MC 13/07/2022





Contingency Branch 34
counter date stamp,
Wells, Somerset.
I last mentioned Contingency Branch counter date stamps in February 2021 in connection with the relocated Post Office branch in Wells Somerset.  That same branch is now in the news again, thanks to JF for sending this report. 

It previously relocated temporarily to the Bus Station, and re-opened in "Natural Pets of Wells"; but that postmaster has now resigned and it closed, I believe, after business on 30th June.

The  PO has now re-located, again as a pop-up PO and again at the bus station  but whereas last time it was  "Contingency Branch 10" it is now "Contingency Branch 34"!  I am not too sure of the opening date although it might have been 5th July. 

The people of Wells are fortunate that the council accommodate the PO in the bus station operating traditional hours of 9-5 (12.30 on Saturday), with a half-hour lunch break.

While the branch was housed in the petshop, a standard SID was used inscribed 'WELLS', with A or B indexes.

(added 13 July)

The problem with monochrome stamps - and minimal postmarks.  

Readers will recall that Royal Mail reduced the number of wavy lines used on their ink-jet postmarks from 7/9 to only three so as not to interfere with the datamatrix code. We assume that this has achieved its objectives as far as definitives are concerned, but how does it work with special stamps, especially if the ink-level is poor or the nozzle jets need cleaning.

These two examples show that delivery staff are having to do more work (if they follow their instructions) to ensure that the stamps cannot be reused. 


My thanks to RM977 for sending these (and the rise to £1.85 was only from the previous £1.70 not £1.45. Rates went up several times all documented here).

Remember, all postmarks in July will be added to this post, so check here before you spend time scanning and emailing.  I'll try to add new ones as quickly as possible.

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