Sunday 19 June 2022

We are taking another break, from 20-27 June. 

The e-commerce site will stay open and orders will be dealt with quickly on our return.  

Thank you for orders from the Booklets list. Some sections are sold out, for others we still have good stocks, at bargain prices.

Regional Machins will overtake booklet panes that I suggested would be in the next list.  I was hoping to have produced that by now but family matters have been something of a distraction.

Meanwhile the 2022 edition of SG's GB Concise catalogue has been published and they have already changed some numbers for the datamatrix stamps (V-numbers), so I have to examine these carefully and update the Norvic Machin Checklist.  

I'll be doing a write-up of that, and the new edition of the Complete Machin Stamp Catalogue.  

Please do not phone and leave messages until 28 June.  Thank you.