Monday 27 June 2022

Updated Norvic Checklist of Security Machins

As Stanley Gibbons have changed some of the catalogue numbers for the barcoded Machins, and because of errors in the previous edition (highlighted by keen-eyed readers, thank you!) a new list Checklist has now been made available for download.

It's at the usual link in the right-hand navigational panel (web-view), or from here.

UPDATE. As usual eagle-eyed readers have pointed out errors/omissions as follows:

page 6: U4500 ==> V4500
page 10: V45067 ==> V4507
page 33: MB18a? ==> MB18 (the 2018 printing)
page 36: VV4528 ==> V4516

The definitive pane from the Unseen Heroes PSB has been allocated number V4750a. Readers will recall that a few years ago Gibbons changed the sub-numbers for PSB definitive panes from a, b, c etc to l, m, n. Expect this one to change when they realise their mistake.

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