Friday, 17 June 2022

Old Machins now off sale

A reminder to everyone, as I have just been reminded the hard way myself, that all old-style Machins are now off sale from Tallents House - although there are reports that many PO branches are still selling them.


  1. My local branch still working through them. Posted a large letter last week, new datamatrix 5p and 2 x old style £1 Machins. Lovely counter stamp applied and PO and still the postie penned it at the recipients end!

    1. Hi Trevor
      I get a lot of the Pen treatment but Royal Mail just say they don't want to lose any revenue,how you can use a Stamp/Stamps that have been cancelled, I just don't know?
      Most of my problems is with the Mail Centre in Exeter they put a pen through a great deal of my Mail even like you when it has a Post Office Handstamp. RW

  2. My local post office still has old-style Machin 2p and 1st class stamps and hasn't got the new ones of these values yet (apart from booklets of the new 1st class ones).

  3. My local Sub PO has been instructed to cease sale of 'old stamps' at the end of September. To avoid stocking 'old' and 'new stamps - they are switching to 'new' only to avoid stock taking problems.
    The 2nd Class Business Sheets are last year's BLUE ones which is quite surprising.

  4. Doug (Enfield) Hi "dix "- thanks for keeping the info coming - what is the location of the sub-PO you mention? Kind regards, Doug

  5. Doug, the post office is Slaithwaite (Slawit!) near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, dix

  6. Doug (Enfield) - Thanks 'dix' - Hope Ian monitors these comments as I ask if he would pass on to you my eMail address and contacts so you can contact me directly. Strange co-incidence that I have always lived over 200 miles away from the location but I know it well - The Colne Valley Leisure Centre and the Slawit Chippy!


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