Friday 5 November 2021

Norvic Machin Checklist Update - October 2021

ON 14 October I uploaded a new version of the Checklist.  The file name suggested v2.5.5 but the document shows v2.5.6.  This doesn't matter!

I believe that this is complete to date, although I have started v2.5.7 but did not have time to check it out or load it in October.

If anybody has time to check the currently available version and let me know of any errors or omissions (recent issued or otherwise) I would be very grateful, and if necessary will issue another corrected version soon.

Many thanks.


  1. Apologies if this is comment is not considered relevant to the above post, but I thought collectors of Machin date and source codes might like to know that SG have now issued their latest update for their supplement, for the period up to (the end of?) 2020. I'm told the part number is R5523DC-210, cost £29.95. I can't see this item on the web site yet. I was also told that the next edition of the Collect British Stamps catalogue can be pre-ordered.


  2. Waterstones have Collect British Stamps and Conscise to pre order.

  3. In reply to John H I bought this supplement as I had 4 years worth of definitive stamps to deal with. However I got a shock to discover I was 2 MPIL stamps short, both from the 2017 Machin prestige stamp book, of which there was only 1 x 3061 £1 magenta, & 2 1st class Vermillion, owing to scarcity of both it cost me dear to fill the 2 spaces, a word of warning to other Windsor album collectors, these stamps can be found a lot cheaper if you shop around

    1. That is unfortunate. I try to identify all the new stamps as they are issued, or shortly afterwards and include them in the Checklist. And until 2019 we always had some stock.

      A new edition of the Checklist is imminent, with corrections provided.

  4. Thank you Ian but if RM had included 2 x £1 magenta no problems.

  5. Information from the back page of the December Philatelic Bulletin. Issued on 20/01/2022 will be a set of stamps relating to the Rolling Stones. Amongst the items is a Prestige Booklet. Definitive pane is made up of 2x 10p, 2x 20p, 2x 50p & 2x £1. No doubt these will likely be 'M21L' printings.


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