Tuesday 23 November 2021

Look before you Break - a sorry tale of a Prestige Book error

Over the years we have been able to report - thanks to the generosity of our readers - very many errors in the make-up of Prestige Stamp Books, including these:

Harry Potter PSB duplicate pane

Star Trek duplicated non-stamp page.

Another duplicated non-stamp page.

Duplicate non-stamp page.

Missing definitive pane.

Today a comment was made on an earlier post:

I've broken up a copy of the xxxxxxx PSB to find the miniature sheet page missing. Has this been reported by anyone else?

As I have already deconstructed the booklet and it is 18 months past its first day of issue I have presumed no chance of a replacement form the Royal Mail, just wanted to make others aware there are errors out there.

I doubt the writer will ever do this again, without checking and double-checking, preferably as soon as he possibly can after he receives the book.  

And the lesson to everybody else is to do the same thing, not only to PSBs but everything else you receive from Royal Mail, from the Post Office, or even from dealers - we do occasionally overlook things!  


  1. The horror! I am overly cautious when I break PSB's. I check pages, perfs, phosphor, etc., before breaking. My frustration is in all the years I have never received a 'spectacular' error but do find phosphor issues on occasions. I leave those books intact,

  2. I must say that I have never been that lucky perhaps one day but then we who live in the lucky country(Australia) generally don't always the complete issues as they seem to be sold out when I phone the bureau
    Regards Peter


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