Thursday, 22 April 2021

Latest Direct Mailing PPI examples

We have some more examples of digital stamp postage paid impressions to report, including the rarely seen 1st class Large.

Not all of these are for fund-raising purposes: the 2nd class Machin one from VisionExpress was and individual one reminding me that I should have my eyes tested - probably one of thousands sent to their customers who have kept away during various lockdowns.  (Licence C9 10020)

The other one in the first image is 2020's 2nd class Christmas issue from medicine supplier Healthspan (licence HQ23777).

The other image, supplied by DL, shows a flyer from the Wood Green Animals Charity, and uses the 1st class Large letter stamp, using licence HQ11348.  These are reported very occasionally and if you are adding them to your Machin collection they may be difficult to find.   

1st class Large digital stamp on charity mailing, 2021.


  1. I am a collector and pay for charities to send me stamps.I provide the postage by putting on older commemmoratives which have not been used and which are mint with full gum. Got some invalid stamp labels on had tio get my mp a full refund for the fines I had to pay.
    Trouble is so many stamps are issued that royal mail doesnt realise all decimal stamps are still valid as long as they are not being reused.

  2. I have received one from tesco Clubcard recently with 2nd class Alice in Wonderland stamp image - license C9 10002. I can send image if wanted.


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