Wednesday 3 February 2021

February Slogan and Other Postmarks

This is the place where we will show all slogan postmarks that we have been told about which are used in February 2021.

The first is a carry-over from January.  National Storytelling week is a promotion by the Society for Storytelling.*

National Storytelling week
Tell Your Story
30th Jan - 6th Feb

Exeter Mail Centre 01-02-2021 doesn't provide a very good impression but it is the best we have in this layout in February:

UPDATE: BM sends a remarkably good example from Swindon Mail Centre on the same date - one could almost imagine it came from the Engineering department that is/(was?) there.

*"Supporting & promoting Storytelling in the UK

Oral storytelling is one of the most ancient artforms, and continues to this day as a vibrant part of culture throughout the world.

We provide a central place to find out about storytelling events, to ask for advice on using storytelling, about Workshops to help you find your individual voice as a new storyteller."

And the other layouts as provided by AH and MM, from Cornwall MC and Tyneside NE/SR MC both on 01/02/2021.

National Storytelling week from various mail centres

Now we might have thought that with Storytelling week lasting until 6 February, there wouldn't be another slogan this week.  However, RW sends another new one in use at Gatwick MC on 02/02/2021, for World Cancer Day on Thursday 4th February.

Cancer Day

4 February 2021

World Cancer Day slogan from Gatwick Mail Centre

UPDATE 6 February:  My thanks to MC for more exmaples of this slogan.  The same machine but with reversed layout from Tyneside NE/SR Mail Centre and the other machine from South Midlands Mail Centre (one not seen here too often), both on the same day.

World Cancer Day slogan from South Midlands and Tyneside Mail Centres

UPDATE 5 February: This month is proving to be busy for new slogans.  The first 'week' one didn;t last the whole week.  Now we have one for a month - how long will it last.  This time it is LGBT+ History Month.  I imagine the history is very interesting, you can read more here.  Our thanks to KC for this one from South East Anglia Mail Centre on 04/02/2021

February is
LGBT+ History

LGBT+ History Month slogan from South East Anglia Mail Centre.

LGBT+ History Month slogan from Jubilee Mail Centre.

UPDATE 10 February:  This really is a busy month.  I suppose that is bound to happen if you try to commemorate 'months', 'weeks' and odd special days.  And of course the greetings card industry wants you to react to this one which could generate more revenue for Royal Mail.  However, I think this could start some memes on social media, given the layout and the invitation to 'tick the box'. 

So thanks to MC for the first example from North & West Yorkshire Mail Centre and a better one from RR from Cornwall Mail Centre both dated 09/02/2021.

I like you.
Do you like me
[ ] Yes [ ] No
14 February 2021

UPDATE 19 February.  Two more examples, one which managed to be delivered without a stamp or any other marking except this slogan from North & West Yorkshire, and the other in the alternative layout from Norwich Mail Centre, both on 12.2.21

UPDATE 17 February:  Thanks to MM for providing a copy of slogan number 5 for February from     South East Anglia Mail Centre 15/02/2021.

I can't help thinking that if they used this only on Monday, then there wasn't much opportunity for people to combine ingredient shopping with their normal shop ready for making the pancakes on Tuesday. Examples were also from Manchester and Bristol Mail Centres. 

Pancake Day
shopping list:
Plain flour, eggs, milk
and your
favourite filling!
16 February 2021

Pancake Day slogan postmark.

UPDATE 22 February:  And yet another new slogan has been reported by several people, thanks to DP, CH, KD & MM who have provided examples from Glasgow Mail Centre (21st), North & West Yorkshire (19th) and S W Wales (18th):

Fashion Week
19-23 February 2021

Update 24 February - this year's Burns Night slogan has been added to the January post, having not been reported to us at the time.

Other postmarks

I'm sure that these older postmarks are not uncommon, but I put them aside years ago.  Both rectangular and framed, one from 1996 reads ROYAL MAIL COVENTRY ???? WARWICKSHIRE but I don't know what is missing.  [Ampersand (&) has been suggested, and is quite possible.)

Rectangular postmark from Coventry 1996.

The other has even more missing, but wherever it's from I don't know the circumstances in which it would be used.  This is from 2000 and reads RECEIVED AT AND DESPATCHED FROM - with the lower line possibly having APC at the end.

Any suggestions?


As usual, this is the place for all slogans used this month and for any other interesting postmarks. So please send them to me by email at the usual address.  Postmark information will be shared with the British Postmark Society and may be used in their Journal.

Thank you.


  1. Amazed there is no Capt Tom slogan - unless of course there is going to be a stamp issue? Combine it with Thank you to NHS enough nondescript issues in 2021 to replace one of them

  2. I think the missing part of the rectangular Coventry mark is simply an ampersand.

  3. I've mailed three regular £1.70 letters to Europe within the last three weeks and none have had any type of postmark or cancellation at all once they were received


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