Tuesday 23 February 2021

News update - or lack of it.

Greetings readers!

I'm sorry for the recent silence but the only news of late is the addition of a new slogan postmark almost every day, it seems.  We're up to six in February - you can see them all here if you haven't seen them on letters.  I think I've had two, and not very good examples at that.


After our recent snow last weekend was, for us in the east, almost balmy, and we were able to enjoy working in the garden instead of the office on Saturday and Sunday, although the muscles were aching a bit by the end of it all as they are unused to digging etc.  And all around us were signs of spring as snowdrops and other flowers broke through and flocks of songbirds flitted between our feeders and the buzzard wheeled and called at a great height.

I've been adding new stock to the e-commerce site (or shop) over the last week, and sorting other material for sale there or elsewhere. 

Latest additions to the shop include Fools & Horses PSB stamps and the 2nd Large 2020 business sheet, National Parks and a few other Maximum Cards, and some Australian modern postal history.  Next additions will be a range of used and mint Machin forgeries. 

News to come concerns a new retail booklet and the King Arthur set, but I won't be able to tell much about these until they are issued.  All I can say for now is what was published on the back page of February's Philatelic Bulletin - The Legend of King Arthur set to be issued on 16 March consists of 5 x 1st class and 5 x £1.70 stamps, and the associated presentation pack, first day cover and stamp cards.

Finally, if anybody is interested in Machins or any modern issues on non-philatelic covers, please let me know and I will sort some out.  In fact, if you have any area of collecting, British, Commonwealth, Foreign or thematic, that you think I might be able to help with send an email (no long wants lists at this stage) and I'll see what I can find.


  1. Ian as the front page has not been updated for good reason since May last year, I don't seem to be able to find a link to the shop? Where can I find this please

    1. Thanks Pete for reminding me that I hadn't restored the link on the website.

      There are links in the 3rd paragraph of this post, and at the top right introduction paragraph on this blog if you are looking in a web browser on desk-top or tablet.

      The URL is shop.norphil.co.uk.

  2. Hi Ian,
    The March RMBP also confirms that the Science Fiction issue on 15 April will have 2x1st, 2x£1.70 and 2x£2.55 stamps (and the Presentation Pack, FDC and stamp cards). There's no mention of a Retail Booklet in late March though. As they don't have a preview of the King Arthur issue, we'll have to wait for the website to see what they look like.



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