Monday 23 November 2020

"The Post Office exclusivity with Royal Mail could soon end"

According to Tamebay, which credits The Times, "negotiations are under way with Royal Mail and the Post Office exclusivity is top of the agenda to open the door and allow couriers ... to have packages handled by the Post Office."

"Currently, the Post Office can’t even handle all Royal Mail services – Tracked 24 and 48 can be purchased online at Royal Mail Click and Drop but unlike most other Royal Mail services you can’t even drop Tracked 24 and 48 parcels at the Post Office – their Horizon system can’t even scan them and if you try to dump them at the Post Office you’ll be told to drop them at your local Royal Mail delivery office. Cross fingers a new deal with Royal Mail would sort out anomalies like this.

"Royal Mail need the Post Office and it’s inconceivable that they wouldn’t want them still selling stamps, but they’re unlikely to welcome your local Post Master saying “Yes, you can send your parcel via Royal Mail or Parcelforce, but you could save money by sending via [insert names of various courier companies here]”.

Royal Mail would still pick up the less profitable letter type post, but if the Post Office could sell services with a range of couriers and, dare I say, alternative postal carriers using Royal Mail downstream services for final mile delivery, the national postal service could see their business ebbing away in communities across the country."

Points to ponder. 


  1. Royal Mail's new Parcel Collect service accepts 24 & 48 Tracked items at 72p on top of the postage. Can work out cheaper than making a trip to the local Royal Mail Customer Service point. Have used it a few times and all items have been delivered as per usual timeframes.

  2. Hopefully Royal Mail & Parcel Force will become more competitive on the 'High Street'. They already offer better online terms than available at counters or P&G particularly on larger parcels. Two tier pricing can gain short term business but just offends everyone eventually.

  3. Looks like an agreement has been reached


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