Thursday 5 November 2020

Special Handstamp Centres - back to extensions

I mentioned on the Christmas Stamps post that Royal Mail had delays with the latest Postmark Bulletin (and there were some delays with the stamps at some post office branches.

Royal Mail have added this statement to the Special Handstamps webpage:

Due to the ongoing and uncertain situation with regards to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the inherent restrictions on individuals’ movements, we have again taken the decision to extend the postmarking timescales for upcoming issues until further notice. This will apply to both First Day Covers bought directly from Royal Mail as well as covers submitted from Post Office branches for cancellation at a Special Handstamp Centre.  The extension will apply for all for new issues from Star Trek (13th November) onwards until further notice.

In the past collectors have experienced a reluctance by some Post Office branches to sell First Day Covers after the day of issue.  I would suggest you persist, pointing out that Royal Mail have extended all deadlines so there is no reason why blank fdcs should not be sold.

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  1. Cheers Ian, A rather busy week, meetings wise, so only just thinking about prepping Christmas covers....Stamps only arrived yesterday anyway.....NO problems with my PHQs.....they were what brought me back to the hobby in 1977 when, for the first year of married life, I lived a couple of hundred yards away from Gordon Critchard's emporium in Cheltenham Road Bristol...He lost his job, and the family Sub-Office, in the first dodgy Post Office Inquisition in the 1980s!!!!! In advance of that I used to drop in and pick up his cash while he phoned his order through to Sandra @ The Counter then go and play at M/c courier!


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