Tuesday 3 November 2020

Post and Go: Winter Greenery at Post Offices

Winter Greenery stamps returned to the Post and Go Self-Service Kiosks in Post Office branches today, and at least some offices had a new printing of both 2nd and 1st class stamps.

My thanks to JG for providing pictures of the ones sold at Cambridge (and at least one other office) which are new printings 1st class - R20YAL and 2nd class CL20SS:

UPDATE 23 November

My thanks to RW for sending this picture which he says was inside the boxes of Winter Greenery. It's the first embargo notice to Post Offices that I've seen for a while.  I can't help thinking though that if it was on the outside it would be a warning not to open them, and run less chance of the warning not being lost.  We haven't had any reports of them being used before this date.

We don't expect Royal Mail to provide information about Post and Go reprints and it may be that these new printings might not be at all branches, especially if they had stock remaining from earlier years.  
These will be the first ones with the new (1 September) postage rates so if there are any old stocks they will be different to those produced before.


  1. Is it too much to ask that they reprint Robins again just for a change?

  2. Visited Stockport PO today Kiosks 67 and 69 both dispensing R20YAL and CL20S - 68 shut down for social distancing


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