Thursday 15 October 2020

Postal Museum re-opening: Post & Go arrangements

From the Postal Museum an email from the museum via MB:

Both Post and Go machines will be located in The Postal Museum foyer and will be available to use without a ticket to the museum. There will be no entry to the Mail Rail building without a ticket, but the machine usually at Mail Rail has been placed in the TPM building. It will be one in one out for use of the machines and doors open at 10.30am.

Guests will be asked to sanitise hands before they use the machine and to scan the NHS test and trace QR code located by the machine. If they do not have the app, they may be asked to leave contact details depending on the time spent within the museum.

Please note the 29th of October is the first day the museum is open to the public and we will be very busy. We advise arriving as early, the machine will be accessible from 10:30am when the building opens to the public.

So far I can find nothing on the Museum website about the machine relocation or the new exhibition 'overprint' (inscription).  

Publicity picture for The Postal Museum's October 2020 Post & Go stamps
with added inscription for the Postcards 150


UPDATE 27 October

Thank you to all the people - including the Postal Museum - who have sent the press release about the Post and Go stamps.  I still can't find anything on their website.

On Thursday 29 October 2020, The Postal Museum will reopen both Post & Go machines with stamps featuring a new overprint celebrating 150 years of the British postcard. Both kiosks will be located at The Postal Museum’s Welcome Space and no admission ticket will be required to access the services. However, there will be admission to other areas with a ticket booked online in advance.

Additional safety measures are being introduced such as a hand sanitizer station, a one-in-one-out access and information on how to scan the NHS Test and Trace QR code located near the machines.

The machines will vend the Mail Coach stamps of all values with a new overprint “Postcards 150” celebrating 2020 as a year of celebration marking 150 years of the British postcard.


  1. According to their website the Museum is only open Thursday to Sunday. So the first availability of the Winter Greenery issue is now the 5th of November, not the 3rd.

  2. I have had it confirmed by Ian Tolley of the museum that they will be open from 10:30 on the 3rd November for collectors only to use the kiosks.
    So winter greenery will be in kiosk A001 both 1st and 2nd class.


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