Friday, 2 October 2020

Star Trek - 13 November 2020

The latest media-linked stamp issue, and the one which has had most collectors trying to work out the justification for its inclusion in the British stamp issue programme will be issued on 13 November, with a big PR exercise revealing everything on 22 October. 

Ahead of that, the Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog (whose editor obviously receives his Philatelic Bulletin before we do) reports the following details from the back page of the Bulletin.

Star Trek - 12 x 1st class stamps,
miniature sheet of 6 x 1st class.
Retail booklet which includes two of the special stamps.
Prestige Stamp Book including a definitive pane containing 3 x 2nd class, 3 x 50p and 2 x 2p [NOT 20p as originally posted]. 
'Captains' collectors sheet. 
As the writer says, "There are many other equally desirable products which doubtlessly will be impossible for anyone to resist."

2009 issue
Before then the Christmas bundle will be issued on 3 November with the expected values of 2nd, 2nd Large, 1st, 1st Large, £1.45, £1.70, £2.50 and £2.55, in both self-adhesive sheet stamp and gummed miniature sheet format.  There's also the usual retail booklets of 12 x 1st and 2nd, and a Collectors Sheet - what used to be called Smilers when there was some point in it being issued.  Now, even though there is no Smilers service, Royal Mail continue to issue this expensive sheet 'because collectors expect us to'.


The blog also reports that on 3 November there will be a James Bond - No Time To Die Collectors sheet presumably to coincide with the latest film release, although that isn't until 12 November. And has now been postponed until April 2021. (3 October update)

UPDATE 6 October 

Royal Mail have confirmed the issue of this sheet this year, due to initial distributions already made, but the date will be 21 November for reasons I cannot yet reveal.

UPDATE 20 October

I'm told that the stamps, showing stained glass windows again (previously in 2009 shown above), are now available for pre-order on Royal Mail's website, and you can see them - and all the details of locations, on Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog, here.

I'm sorry I can't show any pictures of these yet.


  1. Small typing error in PSB definitive pane stamps I fear - should be 2 x 2p not 2 x 20p.

  2. I'm quoting, but I think you may be right.

  3. 'No Time to Die' has been put back again till 2nd April 2021. Info from BBC news 02/10/20. So hopefully RM will delay this Collectors Sheet.

  4. Well hopefully with the huge drop in stamp sales and letter's posted, next years issues will only be half of this years, and we won't have all these film sets. Any news on this Ian being that you have advanced knowledge of these things.As for the bulletin mine arrived Friday with all the info on the back, Royal Mail very quiet I placed an order on Monday every item arrived Wednesday.

    1. The only way to stop such undeserving stamp issues is for people not to buy them. And I'll be doing my bit in 2021 by declining to purchase any of the [far from] "special" stamps.

      Utterly disheartened after nearly a half-century of collecting, November's 'Star Trek' issue will be the final addition to my collection. And after being taken for granted for several years (2012's extortative Olympics stamps were the beginning of the end for me, and I am surprised I have lasted this long), I won't be sorry to set aside my albums, tweezers and other philatelic paraphernalia.

  5. I hope the size of the Star Trek stamps will be a sensible size - Palace of Westminster stamps are huge!

  6. I feel its the case of the Goose & the Golden Egg. Royal Mail will soon find out I think. Clearly we have a moral blackmail challenge here. Do we continue to try to complete a collection or do we simply stop? My first stamps came from a packet in Woolworths when I was 6 years old being given to me to keep me amused when I was ill in hospital. That was over 70 years ago. I have tried to keep 2 'sets' going in recent years so I had something to pass on to my son and daughter. I said I would stop collecting if one of the following events took place. We had to put our country's name on stamps, the monarch's head no longer used (remember Mr Benn?), we converted from £ sterling or QE11 died. Sadly I feel it's time to hang up the tweezers - not a case I can't afford it but more feeling like a mug. Doug (Enfield)

    1. Following the successful result of the Horizon Trials, perhaps it's now time for GB collectors to sue Royal Mail for crimes against philately?

    2. Its sad, I too am waiting for the Queen to die, a truly magnificent person.

    3. I have to say that I have given up collecting modern commemoratives too. 2019 was the last year for me and I will now concentrate on gap filling. I will continue to collect Machins, as this has always been my main interest. I'm now looking to start another Machin themed collection, possibly pre printed postal stationary 😁

    4. I'll do my best to get some stationery at bargain prices on our shop as soon as possible!

      I would suggest combining stationery with postal history, and get usages. Recorded envelopes are especially interesting.

  7. Hi Ian,
    The Christmas 2020 issue is now available to order on the RM website.


  8. Star Trek stamps now on RM website for ordering.

  9. The 'No Time to Die' Collectors Sheet (AT122 @ £8.80) is now available to order on RM Website. The Stamps are self adhesive.


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